Frequently Asked Questions


25 Clicks (formerly Part Time Clicks) is a place where you earn a little side cash by doing easy internet micro tasks. Tasks take less than a minute to do and pay .50 each. Most people get 1-2 tasks each day and earn between $5-$15 per month.

Signing Up:
1. Sign up at
2. We allow ONE account per household.
3. You must live in the United States and have a valid US cell phone.
4. We pay every Friday via PayPal, on a 5-day delay. That means you are paid on Friday for all tasks completed before Monday of that week. Referrals are paid as soon as they qualify.

Using 25 Clicks:
5. All tasks are sent by text message to your phone.
6. You have 6 days deadline to complete each task you're sent. As long as you complete each task before the deadline, you will always receive another one automatically, usually within 24 hours. If you miss the deadline OR if more than 24 hours have passed since you last got a task, you can login and hit the green GET TASK button.
7. Near the end of the month, we usually run out of work.
8. You should always get a Success! message after you complete a task. If you don't, please email a screenshot of your task and your answer to and we'll update it manually for you.
9. We rely on technology to send tasks to you and sometimes there are glitches, so please email us if you suspect a problem.

How to make the most money:
10. Do each task as you receive it. There is a built-in delay between each task, so the quicker your complete them, the quicker the time delay will expire and you'll receive a new one.
11. Visit this page to learn other trusted ways to make money online.
12. Refer others. You earn one dollar for every single person you refer to us who signs up and successfully completes three tasks. Get your referral link on your account page.

Get help:
Please send any questions to We try to reply to all emails within 1 business day, but please be patient. We get hundreds of emails each week :)


Troubleshooting Tips

Troubleshooting/Errors and what to do.

It looks like you're on a VPN...
We don't allow VPNs. Assuming you're not on a VPN, go to and get the v4 version of your IP address. Send this message to

"I got the VPN error. My IP address is: [enter your IP address]"

I will add your IP to our whitelist so you can get back to work.

Did not get Success! message
Whether you are doing tasks by text or by email, you should ALWAYS get a Success! message similar to below, within minutes of completing your task:

Success! Thanks [your-name]. Your task has been completed and your answer was recorded in our system.

If you don't get the Success! message, send A SCREENSHOT OF YOUR TASK AND YOUR ANSWER to with the subject "No success message":

I will update it for you manually, so that you can get another task. You won't receive another task until this is cleared up.

I am not receiving EMAIL tasks
1. Please check your spam folder
2. Please add to your safe senders list, so you don't miss them in the future.
3. Login to your account and hit the green Get Task button.

If you have done each of these 3 steps and do not receive your task within 30 minutes, email me at so we can look into it.

I am not receiving TEXT tasks
1. Login to your account and ensure that your phone number is correct. It must be a valid US cell phone. Thirdy party services like Google voice and others will not work. Must be a real cell phone.
2. Login to your account and hit the green Get Task button.
3. It's also possible that you accidentally blocked one of the numbers we text from or that you typed STOP to stop messages. In both of these cases, email Mike at and we can help with these 2 scenarios. Be sure to include your phone # in your message.

If you have done each of these steps and do not receive your task within 30 minutes, email me at so we can look into it.