Make More Money Online

Below are some additional methods for making money online in your spare time. I've personally tested them. Note, I earn a little bit of affiliate income when you use these links, so thank you in advance. - Mike

1. PaidViewPoint pays you to take surveys. Fast, easy and you can see how much you are earning as you go.

2. ProductReportCard pays you to take surveys. From what we've seen, surveys pay between .50 and $5.00 each. However, surveys fill up quickly, so check your email frequently.

3. Swagbucks has a great reputation. One of our PartTimeClicks users (J.S. from Denver, CO) recommends them saying "I have been earning this through PayPal also by letting my phone run the video/watching videos (not really watching) I let it run when I am not on my phone especially during sleeping hours."

4. Website hosting by BlueHost. I use them personally. If you or anyone you know wants affordable website hosting with great tech support.

5. YSense Surveys is another easy to use site where you can make money playing games and taking surveys. Sign up and start earning money right away.

NEW for 2024!

6. Survey Junkie allows you to earn up to $100/month if you complete 3 surveys per day. Sign up and give it a try.

The Sucks List

7. Branded Surveys and YouGov both stink in my opinion (and those of you who've told us so). They waste your time qualifying you for surveys you may not be qualify for and thus not get paid. Also, the surveys can be very long, taking 15+ minutes to complete and then pay in points which are hard to quantify the value per time you're investing. -Mike

If you have a good, reliable way for making money online that pays CASH, let us know and we'll check it out for everyone else to use. Email your proven methods to